20 Minute On-Location Shoot at IBE

Just landed back from the IBE 2014 festival in Heerlen, Netherlands. The festival basically takes over main downtown/shopping area of the city. There's so many events running simultaneously around the place. Basically, it means if you get lost, you'll run into a dope artwork or another venue where another event is taking place. How much more awesome can getting can it get? As always, the hospitality and the vibe of the event is unlike any other dance event in the world.

Unfortunately, for this year, the weather was a tad bit rainy. It still didn't stop the vibe though.

IBE Opening Festival

Because of the weather, I was only able to pull off one good on-location shoot over this weekend. I asked Tony T-Bags, winner of the Red Bull BC One Philadelphia Cypher 2014 to do a 5 minute shoot in a nearby alleyway between the event venues. When shoots work well, 5 minutes turn into a longer session. There's nothing iller than having both the photographer and the test model equally excited to collaborate.

As this was a last minute on-location shoot, I tend to pack much less (back pain can get bad). These were shot with Elinchrom Quadras and a Canon Rebel T2i. For my friends who keep asking, "what is the best camera to buy," keep in mind that this picture was shot with an entry level DSLR camera. I also did not bring light stands with me - you can still nab creative shots with less equipment. It's not about how expensive your arsenal is rather than how it is used as a whole.

Lighting Set Up

The first shot was taken with one fill light to the right of Tony. The second light was placed right behind his foot. It was used as a backlight to make sure he POPs out in the photography.

Tony T-Bags at IBE

Lighting Diagram

The second shot was taken with both lights evenly parallel to each other. Due to this angle, the contrast between the highly exposed light and the underexposed shadows become more emphasized.

Tony T-Bags at IBE Lighting Diagram

Still need to finish editing. Until next time!