Macro Food Shoot at Saverio's Stone Fire Bistro

Besides covering the usual portraits and events, I did a mac food shoot at Saverio's Stone Fire Bistro today. This was completely out of the norm so I want to write a short blog about it. I've shot macro shots of objects before for fun, so this assignment should be a simple breeze. Shooting objects is similars shooting any portrait: you want to bring the best out of it. You want to make those tomatoes POP. You want them to gleam. When people see the pieces, their mouths should water.

Big kudos to the chef, Nicola Bertolotti. He created some amazing Italian cuisines.

Here are some shots from today.

Nicola Bertolotti - the Chef himselfNicola Bertolotti


Proscuitto PizzaProscuitto Pizza


Pepperoni Pizza with Various Vegetables and CheesesPepperoni Pizza


Panini in the OvenPanini in Oven


Macro Shot of the SaladMacro Food Salad


Panini in Chef's HandNicola Bertolotti 3




I believe this is Manicotti with Vodka Sauce. I can't seem to remember. Manicotti


Spinach SaladItalian Salad 2


An up close shot of itItalian Salad


We decided to be creative and use the waterfall outside their store to make an amazing portrait of some of these dishes. Sometimes, using extra props give a unique personality to your pieces.Food Shots


Lastly, here's a shot of Nicola's favorite food....Nutella!Nicola Bertolotti 2


The restaurant is called Saverio's in Glendale Queens. 4.5 out of 5 stars - according to yelp. I would highly recommend this place from my visit. The food is spot-on amazing with bursts of flavor and texture. Click here to check out their site!