New Page Look and Video Projects on Harlem Shake

  Wow! It’s been a month or so since I’ve written anything. Life has been busy trying to juggle my dance world with the photography world. These two passions, which I deeply obsess over are inseparable.

Since the past month, lets see some cool things I’ve done…..

1. Revamped my web page - I felt like the previous page theme was too clunky and confusing. I like things simple.

2. Harlem Shake Flash Mob - First one was shot with my friends and dance crew members of 5 Crew Dynasty. We almost have 150,000 hits! Not bad.

Second one was shot for Hunter College as a favor in the following week. Although I don't go to that school anymore, I felt like giving back since I had such an awesome time there. Also I wanted to win the CUNY challenge. In the perspective of quality, concept, and popularity, I believe we topped the other colleges (this is just my opinion - not a fact!). We got about 30,000 hits. This beat our second place competitor, Queens College, who has about 20,000 hits. Regardless of competition, these videos strengthened college life together for every campus who participated. That is the most important thing and it made me feel good participating.

3. As a dancer, I felt in my heart that I should interview the original guys who started the Harlem Shake. The flash mob dance is funny and trendy. However, the original dancers should be voiced on YouTube. Here is the interview plus a couple of moves broken down.

These three projects are the very first time I ever edited and shot videos. Suddenly I have a lof of people asking me to do video work. I might actually get more into videography in the near future. Who knows. For now, I would say these videos were just fun projects.