Red Bull BC One: Philadelphia Cypher

As always, it's been a while since I've made another post. I've been busy working on a few new projects. Most of my updates have been done through my Facebook page due to convenience. I've covered and shot Red Bull BC One: Philadelphia Cypher a few weeks ago. I preplanned this trip in my head a little earlier. I considered the factors. Bad venue lighting is abundant in most dance events I attend - this is completely normal. For most dance events - they usually are not sponsored by companies so people have to cut costs and find a suitable venue for a low budget.

Red Bull usually addresses this problem by setting up strong theatre-like lighting. For this reason, I did not need to use any flash equipment - just a fast lens. I really like how the photos came out. The natural event lighting that was captured makes me feel as if I am in front of the action!

Taking good shots was not difficult for this event. This is one of those events where every timed click came out consistent and magnificent. So it was painful tough to cut my album down to the best photographs. Instead, I selected a bunch of shots I felt had difference approaches.

The rest of the album can be seen through these two links:

Red Bull BC One Philadelphia Cypher: Culture

Red Bull BC One Philadelphia Cypher: War


Portrait of Zebra

Portrait of Isaiah

DJ Skeme Richards Rocksteady RSC crew

Crazy Legs

Ronnie and Domkey



Richie Rich

Richie Rich


The Winner


Bboy Knuckles Red Bull BC One Philadelphia cypher


Stay tuned for the next blog post. I'm planning to release a few tutorials on how I capture certain shots.