Review: Unpacking New Mini Business Cards from

I always had a mind state for myself to differentiate myself from others. Why swim against the current when you can just take another route nobody else has? Applying this to buying new business cards, I checked out for their mini business cards. Checking out their reviews online, it seemed that their product is of very high quality. So I ordered a test batch for myself. 400 cards, 68 dollars, it won’t break my bank. 7 days later, my new business cards just arrived in the mail from After unpacking the box and checking them out, I have to say out of all the companies I’ve ordered cards from, I am highly satisfied.

It was scheduled to arrive in ten days. About fives days to process the cards from the factory. Five more days to ship.  To my surprise, the whole process only took 7 days. +1 on shipping service.

The quality of the cards is also on point. With a matte finish, it seems to be a little thicker than most business cards. This means sitting on them won’t affect them too much in case you toss them in your back pocket. +1 for durability.

I also ordered a business card case. Made out of felt, it has a very personal touch to it.

Moo Card

One thing that moo has over other companies is that they can customize your cards to a very far extent. I ordered a batch of 400, every 100 cards is a different cover. I only uploaded 4, you can actually upload as many photos as you like. This kinds of reminds me of childhood. I remember when I wanted to collect every Pokemon card as a wee little kid. This is similar in a way where I have a whole collection pack to myself.

So from a consumer’s stasndpoint, if you want your business cards to stand out, especially if you are in a creative field, I would highly recommend <----This is a referral if you would like 10% off ordering.